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Jul. 4th, 2017


This journal is all open.

Everything is open.


Nov. 11th, 2014


Update: Hello

Haven't opened livejournal in like 2 years!
I don't even know if people here are still in the JE fandom, just as an update I still am!

A lot has changed since I left here, like I've changed from being Yuto's fan to becoming Masuda Ryo's fan!
And I've been his fan since March of 2012! So I changed right after the Arigatou Winter Concert.
I honestly don't really know the reason why I changed since I still adore the work that Yuto and HSJ does but I guess I couldn't really get over the fact that they became a 9 member group and I didn't think I could fully support the group without Ryutaro so I just had to leave the HSJ fandom. I had some difficulty in finding someone new to support; and I always had my eye on Masuda, but during that time he was on a hiatus for his enterance exam into university. But luckily he came back in March and I fell right into his fandom and has been ever since then.

Yea so this is just an update about what was going on in my life and the fandom haha.

(Do people still remember me?)

Jul. 3rd, 2011

SUMMARY 2011 tickets

 Finally got the news about my tickets for SUMMARY 2011 :)
It really is a shame that Ryutaro isn`t going to be performing 
in SUMMARY, but I guess its his fault and he just needs to
deal with his problem on his own. 

Back to the tickets, I called the JFC a couple of days ago to
see which shows I`m going to and then I got the greatest news :) 

I got the 10th August(first show), 18th August TDC Hall shows

and I also got the tickets for both of the Tokyo Dome SUMMARY 

shows! I`m really excited but I don`t know how I can enjoy the 

show without the 10 of them performing.


- Kana

Apr. 13th, 2011

JUMP HaruCon 2011 Photoset scans & goods

2011 Spring Concert Photoset scans
all contain 4 pictures each
all in .rar

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Feb. 12th, 2011

Arigatou Concert MC report 4th January 2011 first show

Sorry this is so late ><
And this is only partly of the report.
In other words, this is all I could remember for now
because I forgot to bring a notebook.
note to self: Bring a notebook&pen next time!

Con report 4th January 2011 first show
MC corner
By the way, why did you regect me Ryutaro?Collapse )

Jan. 8th, 2011

JUMP Winter Concert 2010-11 goods and Yokohama Arena

 It took me 2hrs to get these goods D:
The waiting line for the goods were so long and it was really cold
because we were out side.
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Jan. 7th, 2011

Winter Concert 2010-11 photoset scans

 All the members photoset scans from the Winter Concert 2010-11.
all in rar.


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Jan. 2nd, 2011

Johnnys Countdown 2010-11 Mini Report

 Hello Everyone!!
Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve!
This year has gone so fast! I can`t believe it!
I`ve met so many nice people here who share the same interest so I`m very happy!
I hope we can get along this year aswell!
Kotoshi mo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! :D

Mini ReportCollapse )

please follow my tumblr if you have one and I`ll follow aswell! :)

Dec. 31st, 2010

Request: Kamiki Ryunosuke 2010 Calendar Pictures

 OMG today is the last day of 2010!
This year has gone so fast!

So this is a little request from kanahe :)
I did this request because she has been waiting patiently for this and I`ve always been forgetting this, Sorry><
I took some pictures of my Kamiki Ryunosuke 2010 Calendar but the pictures are really LQ so I`m sorry about that too! >.<
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Dec. 24th, 2010

Arioka&Yamada JFC & Arioka JFC translation request


I don`t know if anyone has translated these.
Request fromlovegahora  :)
Sorry for being so late, I think this is the longest I`ve taken >.<

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